Monday, June 8, 2015

This Ryde must go on!~

I have decided to use this area to share the thoughts of one very opinionated CaMel!

I share a lot on the Facebook and I am afraid of losing all the great thoughts/conversations and pictures I have/find.

Between that material and random thoughts I hope to share a bit of how I think/feel/act. 

Mostly for my own memory but also for my Grandson to someday read and know what his GraMel stands for and where some of his very own beliefs may stem from.

My life is not boring.. my friends are very entertaining .. my beautiful partner is accepting and amazing. My family is dysfunctional but remarkable! 

I have lots of interesting tales to tell, memories to share, antidotes to dote!

I appreciate feedback, pictures, ideas and stories of your lives so we can all feel connected! 

For life is a spiderweb and we are all walking gingerly as to not get trapped and eaten alive!

Lets do this!! 

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