Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our Gay Babies!

There are many contributions to the conversation about being gay but I believe this may just be the one to pay attention to.

The only things that make us different in the world is money and education. Both of those things are a result of our choices in life and we can change (mostly) if we are not happy.

Being gay will never be something you can change. It is certainly something you can ignore and push down inside. It is something you can try to hide from others and even yourself at times but you wont be able to change it!

Most people that are gay realize it from a early age and it has been proved time and time again that who we are surrounded with reflects how well we will be able to accept who we are.

We choose how we deal with those in our lives that are struggling with self acceptance and presenting who they are to the world.

When it is introduced by those we love as something we need to hide or be ashamed of it changes how accepting we are of ourselves.

Our 'Tribe' influence us in the most impressionable times of our growth. It is within that circle that we need to be encouraged, enlightened and accepted.

Our children are the future, our backbone to tomorrow. Would you want your car running with no tires, your house with no roof?
No,  you would want the foundation to be solid, a strong base to build upon so it can exist throughout the years and protect the jewels that lie within.

Our children are our jewels, lets treat them as such. Polishing them so their sparkle blinds the world.

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