Friday, June 12, 2015

Telling the truth to our babies.

The more knowledge we have of life and all its aspects the better equipped we are to make good decisions.

Yesterday I shared a link that showed a very graphic yet GREAT sex education book. I asked how old do you think a child should be before they learn this stuff.


I never hid anything from my daughter. Yet of course even though she had that knowledge she still made some bad choices but at least I felt confident she has some great information in her little head to make those decisions.
Not everyone agrees that a child should be told everything and I can see that there are some things that are age sensitive as comprehension comes after a few years of breathing. What concerns me is the amount of education our children get from each other, tv, internet and school and NOT from where it should come from.. Us, their parents.

I encourage people to always be honest with their spawn. Especially about the big things, Sex,marriage, gender equality, Death, education, self esteem, kindness, self respect, self worth and money. These are the things we as huMans ALL experience in one way or another. Why on earth would you want to have people running around with misinformation and sharing that with you or your children. That only confuses things and starts a ball rolling that might end up spatted against a big ole wall!

There are so many different ways to teach our kids these days with some amazing "props" ie: books, movies, puppets. To keep them in the dark is not doing them or the world any good. Allow them all the information so they can make educated choices and we will see a lot less confusion in our world!

We owe it to our little leaders to start them out right.. We know so much more now than we did 20 years ago. 

We need and can to do better!!

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