Saturday, July 25, 2015


There are so many discussions on privilege and I think this video says it all. 
watch this video!!
We can all do our part to make change so someday the gaps wont be there!

lets talk about Consent

I had an experience yesterday that made me want to share this again. I was witness to a man saying that a woman DESERVED to be raped due to how she dressed. I was outraged and could not believe my ears. 

Sadly that attitude is common among men his age and younger and we need to reeducate them that they are WRONG!!


Thursday, July 2, 2015

What feeds me?

I have been spending some time in the sweat shop this past few weeks which has been fun and productive! 

It makes me laugh as it is a hobby I screw up in ALL the time. I would like to blame my "Bag Therapy" but I am pretty sure its just excitement, stubborn headed and multi tasking that leads me astray.

It is pretty exciting to actually wear what I create and even more exciting when my beautiful gives her stamp of approval and sports a CaMel creation. 

The beauty of this recent stitching spree is that I am feeling more and more inspired. Renewing a drive within that has been silent for a while. 

Bit by bit my life gets even more outstanding. 

I am grateful I have the ability to appreciate what I have been given.

Even more so for 'feeling' worthy of it!

Thank you Universe..