Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Support over selfish.

Omg I say this all the time. 

Stop putting guilt into the lives of those of us that struggle to stay alive. 
Your selfish words only add to the pressures of our existence.

Have you ever wondered why someone who sits on the brink doesn't allow themselves to leave.. For many, including myself, its because doing so would hurt/harm those we love. 
Tell me again how selfish I am!

We cant go through life and face some of the most evil circumstances and not expect to be a little fucked up! Those interactions cause our brains to build shields... sometimes who we truly are will never be seen due to the trauma in our past.
Survival means getting up everyday and pushing past the memories and knowledge of how truly fucked up some humans can be.
We abuse our children but we don't teach them how to cope with the consequences of our/those actions. Those little brains develop their own coping skills and then grow into adults who are expected to be perfect!
Goodness me.. we need to remember everyone has their own stuff.. and be respectful and proud of all of us for surviving daily is a fucking brilliant yet sometimes tragic thing!
Support over selfish.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Give those innocent minds a chance!

We are created from what we learn and that starts when we are born.
Please keep your personal beliefs off the table so your children have the chance to develop their own minds otherwise what you instill in them can alter them until they are unable to express who they truly are within because they are scared of bringing shame and sadness to others.

THIS HERE IS BULLSHIT.. Shame is created because we are afraid of what OTHERS think.. and in a true and just world what others think should never be a concern UNLESS your actions are going to bring harm.. like true harm not the sadness you would feel cuz somebody didn't do what you think they should..
This perpetuated madness has and continues to ruin beautiful lives.

We are the protectors and educators of these innocent minds.. Who the hell do we think we are muddying their pure thoughts with what we ASSUME is right.

Our mission is to provide these minds with the information they need to make their own decisions, right or wrong, their decisions.

Please stop this madness.. let these huMans learn and grow and express themselves without fear of living the rest of their lives in a shadow of themselves.

We are meant to be bold, expressive, multi dimensional INDIVIDUALS..
Not the sheepels that I now find myself walking amoungst.

BE strong.. fight shame... fight oppression.. fight to be yourself..

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How A Baby is Made!!

I thought this book was pretty good at explaining the whole dirty deal!! 
My favorite page is the one where the baby is busting its way out!
I want to think that is how I came out! 

Related image


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Gay at the Games: How Canada is hosting Pride House,

 I love my country.. 
The fact we need this kind of house for gay individuals to feel safe is SICKENING.
I find travelling difficult not only because of my looks but because of my sexuality(which shouldn't matter to anyone but my partner!)
There are countries I will NEVER go to because they KILL GAY PEOPLE.
That make sense to you at all??  
No, me neither.
We need to support each other.. gay, straight, disabled and abled.. for we are all the same..

Be the change... 

Gay at the Games: How Canada is hosting Pride House, a safe space for LGBT athletes at the Olympics

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hey Fellas!!

Generations and generations of sweeping this bad behavior under the carpet.

It is a shame that men feel attacked by what is happening in the world right now!

A shame that it has gone on this long for you to think it is OK and are pissed off that women are finally standing up and saying what you did or how you acted was inappropriate.

We didn't attack,grope,coerce, threaten, rape, diddle ourselves. This fear is not something that we made up.. it was created and then perpetuated by GENERATIONS AND GENERATIONS OF MEN!

Deal with the repercussions of your behavior.

Trust me.. it will never be as bad as living with the baggage of being a woman and taken advantage of.. you get off easy!

no pun intended!!

Jeremy Potvin
HEY GUYS! Have you noticed that women are tearing this whole fucking system to the ground? Have you found yourself saying things like "this is unfair" or maybe this banger "it's hard to be a guy right now" or maybe a little "Patrick Brown's trial by media is super unfair"? Well, you're right and you're wrong and I'm here to tell you why and how.
With virtually everything I listed AND WAY MORE you are wrong, but you're goddamn fucking right women are tearing the whole system down! We never let them up in the first place so what did you expect?! Horrible men spent the last 100 years assaulting them whenever they got the chance, and then laughed at them whenever they asked them to stop - and then just KEPT ASSAULTING THEM.
Do you also find yourself thinking that the #metoo movement has gone too far? This is too much? Homies, this is JUST GETTING STARTED and we are not doing ANYTHING to help it. And notice that I didn't say "we aren't doing anything to *stop* it" I said, "help it". Because we should be helping it and here's one way:
Let's address the spectrum. That place that exists between that time you tried 400 times to talk a girl into having sex with you who didn't want to, and Harvey Weinstein. That exists. There is a spectrum. Patrick Brown is somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. But we have sympathizers (Christine Blatchford exists in this space, FYI, stop posting her GARBAGE article) saying things like "Patrick Brown didn't commit a crime and he is not Harvey Weinstein". No, he isn't - but how would we know as he just FLED THE FUCKEN BUILDING AND REFUSED TO TALK ABOUT IT. You know what would have been good? Something like this:
"You know what - that happened. I did those things that these two women describe. It was 10 years ago and I behaved very badly. I asked a high school aged woman for oral sex in a very, very intimidating situation and I cannot imagine what hell she has been going through for the last 10 years. I feel I have evolved as a human since then and I would like to discuss this. I would still like to be this party's leader, but we need to discuss this first. I'm sorry for my actions and I will stand here to face them."
Something like that would have been great. Boom - integrity! Boom - a discussion! Boom - not Harvey Weinstein!
However, he did not do that. He did what everyone else who does not have a shred of integrity does - he denied it and fled the building. Well, guess what, this makes him Harvey Weinstein. Because that is the only common denominator you have left for all of us to observe. And that is why women are going to continue to tear this motherfucker to the ground and the men who support them are going to let them do it. It needs to happen.
When a Patrick Brown situation shows up, stop banding together and attacking women and sympathizing with the assaulter.
Guys, start HELPING women tear this down. Because only those of us who pass the litmus test get to help build it back up.

Monday, January 29, 2018

I am a Kinky, Sexually Free, Furry, freak

I have NEVER hid who I am.. I am a Kinky, Sexually Free, Furry, freak who LOVES doing strange and wonderful things with consenting adults..

I spent many years facilitating the education of those that were unaware of this lifestyle and wanted to find a way to experience and express themselves.

One thing I know for sure is we all have a little twist!

I preach this...

Your kink may not be my kink but I will respect you for being secure enough with yourself to live as you wish. That it may not be suited to my tastes but I will do my best to listen and learn about it so I can understand you better.

We are, from the very beginning, influenced by those that surround us.. and so many of us are shown that being different isn't good.. that those that chose to be themselves and enjoy the finer pleasures that their bodies enjoy are deviants (in a bad way)

I am living proof that being true to yourself and going after the things you find enticing, within a safe and "educated" atmosphere can make you a happier individual.

Why hide who you are and what you like.. from yourself especially.

Life is meant to be experienced.. we would not have all these feelings if we were not intended to explore..

Now we are fortunate to have so much information and places where we can learn and celebrate ourselves.

I used to run a group called the

Freestyle Kinksters..
motto was ARC
A - Accept our kinky individuality knowing we have no choice in how we feel and what makes us go WOW

R - Respect ourselves and those around us.

C - Celebrate our similarities and differences with pride, kindness and understanding.

It is harder to dismiss these feelings within..
Tragic we don't use these trusting relationships we find ourselves in to explore for we fear what our partner may think of us.
For it is within those exchanges that we find ourselves and allow others to enjoy who we are.

Be brave.. Be yourself!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

No charges laid.. who fucking cares!

Why is it that "No criminal charges" are the sticking point to this whole Patrick Brown shit show..

Why do you think so many of us do not go to the police.. do you think its because we don't believe we were wronged??


It is because for decades upon decades rape survivors have been blamed for having one drink too many, wearing the wrong clothes, leading the predator on, not saying no loud enough... it goes on and on...

Power, no matter who yields it .. from a politician to a parent.. can create an atmosphere where fear and intimidation are the basis for silence.

So much to lose.. but not for the powerful. for those they harm.

The powerful are surrounded by their people, who will lie and do whatever it takes to protect their person so they themselves will not have their lives change.

Let go of this idea that "assault" only counts if it is being shared with the police and charges laid.. if this were the case, and charges were something we were comfortable and able to do then we might not be having so many of these discussions..

For the message of STOP FUCKING WITH PEOPLES LIVES IN A NEGATIVE MANNER... will be understood as the consequences would be quick and hopefully painful.

These predators walk among us .. some closer than you would care to admit..

But we all damn well know.. they are there.