Thursday, July 2, 2015

What feeds me?

I have been spending some time in the sweat shop this past few weeks which has been fun and productive! 

It makes me laugh as it is a hobby I screw up in ALL the time. I would like to blame my "Bag Therapy" but I am pretty sure its just excitement, stubborn headed and multi tasking that leads me astray.

It is pretty exciting to actually wear what I create and even more exciting when my beautiful gives her stamp of approval and sports a CaMel creation. 

The beauty of this recent stitching spree is that I am feeling more and more inspired. Renewing a drive within that has been silent for a while. 

Bit by bit my life gets even more outstanding. 

I am grateful I have the ability to appreciate what I have been given.

Even more so for 'feeling' worthy of it!

Thank you Universe.. 

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