Monday, July 25, 2016

walking a mile in someone's shoes

Perhaps walking a mile in someone's shoes is important before you judge them for their actions.
I have sat quiet about my situation for almost a year as I waited to see what was going to happen.
I may have posted a few things about broken trust etc as YES my trust was broken by my partner .. in a nonconsensual sexual manner.
I share my pain so others can know they are not alone..

I share my pain so others can know that even tho I may not be contacting them, I am still here working through it.
I share my situation so others can see what can happen without proper communication and trust.
I share for attention. absolutely.. for I have felt abandoned and my life is crumbling

I am a good person.. my ex partner is a good person.. we both made mistakes..

We will have friends on either side.. that is ok.

But the truth is.. this was not my fault.. this was a mistake made by a person.. who in the end may/should be grateful for this mistake as it has allowed her to have the freedom that she desires. Not a bad thing just a shitty way to get there...

Apparently, I was holding her back..

What i say to you all out there reading this..

Communicate.. communicate .. communicate.

Sticking your head in the sand is dark and stifling. No problems get solved in fact the sand fills in all the positive space and smothers any goodness there was.
If you have an issue.. be brave .. face it and don't lead someone on. Their lives are as important as yours is.
So to those that may feel my recent sharing is out of character or out of place.. please take a moment and walk in my shoes.
I speak the truth in all it's ugliness and if that makes me look ugly to you defriend me.. I am ok with that.
Adult games have adult consequences.. no matter what fantasy land you live in.. we are all still human and if you can't respect someone as that.. shame on you.

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