Monday, July 18, 2016

Dear Child

Dear child.. 
We can accommodate you to the best of our ability. You must remember that we are also human and grew up before you. This means things are different now, faster, stronger, busier.
 We will try to keep relevant and engaging but patience, as we adjust, will do you well. 
We will try to do what is right even if it challenges our beliefs. We may not have been taught from education but rather generational myths and we all know how that game of telephone goes. 

Please share your knowledge without attitude as we all learn differently and your world is far more intricate than what we knew. We will be looking to you for our safety and security as we ripen so keep in mind we all end up the same and carry kindness and compassion with you at all times . 

Please let us look as we want.. we have earned the right to ignore what society preaches and dance to our own drum beat as it truly is the only one we can hear clearly. 
Before assuming we are out to get you and give us credit for having years of life lessons and may know from experience that peeing in the wind can leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

And finally.. love us.. for all our dorky and silly traditions and stories. We truly only have so much time to share your history before you take over and start your own sequel. Relationships are the most important , time-consuming, mind tweaking energy sucking adventures we experience. 

There are no directions only a tattered map passed on from generation to generation. I hope you are able to grasp that we are in this together till we are not. 
Forever may only be a moment.. make them count.

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