Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebrating Brain Food!!

Today marks the end of summer for so many friends as they embark on continuing their education.
 I wanted to share my joy in their return to their building by sending them a little note!!

Hey Brave knowledge obtainer!!

Congratulations to all the HuMans who have started their commitment  to feed their brains for another year.

May your experience be filled with joy, wonder and awe.

May you build relationships that feed your soul and gain knowledge that will help form the foundation of your life.

May your struggles to get to class, do your homework and poop in public get easier with every coming day.

Finally, I hope you help your ability to absorb by eating a little breakfast when you get up and may your lunches never be a letdown!

Three cheers for education..without it life is a challenge that can bring unnecessary blunders in all aspects of our existence!

When we stop learning our spirits wither.

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