Saturday, August 15, 2015

Our CaVes

Last night when I got back from my massage my beautiful was waiting for me in the driveway as she had just gotten home from work.

We stood at the doorway and had a beautiful welcome home kiss before I "picked" her up and draGGed her through the threshold of OUR Caves which became officially ours at approx 4pm Friday afternoon.

I have never wanted to own my own home as I understand the immense responsibility it brings with it as well as the deep representation it means to me to embark on such a adventure with the one I love.

I have had the privilege of being in two of my close friends weddings this summer I have seen what that commitment looks like when people get married,

In MY world this CaVe purchase is akin as we have pledged our commitment and purchased our foundation in which we will continue to build our amazing lives together.

It shows me that we are both dedicated to our future together, willing to make sacrifices, embark on scary adventures, create safe and loving spaces that family and friends can thrive within.

It means we are committed to building upon this foundation a CaVe that is filled with warm, calm and welcoming energy that encourage growth and healing, laughter and play.

It proved to me that we both felt that our love is a forever thing and worthy of the investment. 

I gave me a sense of hope and security I didn't know I was missing. Proving to me that I and our lives together are worth the commitment for her to put that time and money into our future.

There were very few bumps in the procuring of our caves but even still it was enough to raise the stress levels and cause us to bicker more than we do when we sew together.(which is the ONLY time we have words)

My beautiful is our main money provider and this is a big purchase so trying to keep her calm and reassured that this wasn't going to be like the last experience she had in her house buying history, where she was taken for a shit ton of money and confidence, was quite a challenge.

It is sometimes very hard to try and help someone see that things will be ok.  In the end all we can do is learn to trust and breath and let whatever is going to happen, happen.

It has been proven to me over and over in my life that things happen for a purpose and that we are not given more than we can handle. I firmly believe that the universe meant for this to be and it make it pretty obvious from how smooth the entire process has been.

I have always been the domestic CaMel of the CaVes as I am the one home with my business. I have able to take care of my beautiful as she works her long shifts so all she has to focus on is saving lives(or helping them leave this world).

As of yesterday my role has switched to that of "Custodian CaMel"

I will continue to be responsible for the smooth running of our CaVes and my business that resides within. Although now I am able to make some changes in the CaVes and will be needing some assistance to do so.

As we are now officially broke I can't pay folks for their skills but I can BARTER.
So.. if you have some of the skills I am in need of.. and when I mean skills I mean you have done this before and can do it properly, safely and reasonably I would be very interested in trading skills with you.

In order to have a spare room for guests, fun and most important our Grandson HaVok I am going to be eventually moving my studio to the back of the house and that will require a carpenter to take down and make me a few walls/shelves

I also need some work done to bring up the end of my driveway so it is not so sketchy. I believe I have a fella to do that but I am requiring advice as to the product I should put down. ie: gravel/pavement stuff.

I have some studio work that needs to be done.. ie: data input (i need to set up a new computer tracking system from scratch. I have the program just need things inputted and inventory taken etc.

So far that is it for now. If you think you would like to barter with me then please let me know and we can figure it out. I LOVE me a good barter and am looking forward to all the great energy that will go into creating our improved CaVe experience!

So with that I must say THANK YOU to my most beautiful Michelle​. I love you with my every breath and am so grateful for your patience, understanding, belief, support and warm love that you cascade over me on a daily. You, my love, are My world and I want to do nothing in life but make you proud, secure and happy to have chosen me to spend your life with.

I am eagerly anticipating our future together and appreciate you more than I could ever properly express.

You my Prey are my everything!

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