Thursday, September 15, 2016

Your people will be just like you!

When taking stock of your life and the relationships you involve yourself with. It is important to note the ones/people that bring joy to your life and then the people/relationships that bring you stress, negativity, or make you react in a manner you may never normally.
Now if you will, think about this. Both types bring things to our lives that we will carry with us forever.
It's common knowledge that when we are treated with kindness it fires off something in our brain and creates a warm fuzzy grateful feeling.
When we are swimming in such negativity, the impact on your life will NOT be filled with joy and accomplishment but rather a bitterness, jealousy, and disappointment that will bury your in your own filth for as long as you allow.
Once you can see the damage such relationships cause your soul, I hope you will realize you are worth more, can value yourself. and then work towards finding those that celebrate your uniqueness, enjoy your company and can be moving WITH you towards happiness and fulfillment.
Our lives do not depend on what we do.. they depend on who we do it with, and how we treat them and most importantly, ourselves.
Without the right people around you.. you can not soar as intended!
We all deserve to fly and poop "randomly" as we loop -d- loop~

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