Sunday, June 19, 2016

The day we celebrate the Parent with the Penis!!

One of the most important missions we will ever accept is the "Parent".
We are required to love, no matter what conditions we may have experienced as children. 
We are to teach kindness, acceptance, self-worth when we may never have experienced such. 
We are to provide necessities to keep the little human fuelled and tuned up so their vessel is prepared for the challenges it will face.

We must open ourselves and share who we were, our journey, fears, and insecurities.
Proving that although we are the 'Parent' we are still human and can somewhat relate to today's difficulties.

This mission doesn't always end well. Sometimes the players can't see far enough outside themselves to build that bridge.
Most times the mission is successful. 
Parent and little human form a bond fuelled by mutual respect and admiration, love and loyalty.

I am so grateful to have met some of the most amazing parents in my life.Who have and continue to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of their little humans.
Proving what I know to be true even tho I may not have experienced it myself!
This brings me to Today. The day we celebrate the Parent with the Penis!! DAD!!! A KEY player!
May your day be filled with corny jokes, gross ties, fantastic bad for you food, millions of kisses and hugs.
To all of those Dads who left ahead of us and are dancing in the stars. Thank you. Please have a dance for us!!
May all your missions be successful!

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