Thursday, November 12, 2015

I do not like the celebration of Christmas..

I do not like the celebration of Christmas.. 
Not because I am NOT religious.. 
NOR is it because it IS MY birthday.

I don't like this holiday because it brings out the WORST in people as they deal with feelings of Inadequacy, competition, guilt, duty, anger, shame, expectations. fear.  All feelings that make an individuals struggles during this time even more difficult that any other time of the year. Forcing people into a world of darkness that even the strongest have trouble overcoming.

These very things do not represent the joy, love, inclusion that Christmas is "supposed" to be all about.  They represent a society that is ruled by all the things that are the most UNIMPORTANT in life.....GREED!

Yes the season brings a form of giving. I struggle with the fact we are not sharing that compassion all year long?  

IS there a reason we do not supporting our poor, veterans or homeless.  
Why do we not take care of our mentally ill, our abused or our elderly in a manner  That we would want to be taken care of ourselves should we be in that situation. 

We certainly cant be proud of ourselves, our country as we are failing in these areas. Holidays or not!! (does that show you something?)

Christmas is JUST ANOTHER DAY.. Made important for reasons that may have been noble at the time but the few that still follow that idea are just that, a few!

I don't mind you celebrate this day.. But do me a favor.. Be real about it.  

Teach your children that it is NOT about what you get but what you give.

That giving should not be of a monetary value but in the currency of kindness, compassion, sharing, understanding and community.

That the most important thing you can receive for the holidays is the ability to continue to exist in a world where we are the creators of our happiness.

Perhaps change can happen.

Perhaps we as a society can give EVERYONE the freedom that religion has has the pleasure of for centuries. 

Perhaps with the opening of peoples eyes they will learn that we can be a strong society with rules that come from informed, proved experience rather than a story book.

Perhaps change can happen, it seems like the time has finally come.

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