Sunday, October 11, 2015

This Thanksgiving..

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends/family take a moment to ponder how very fortunate we are here in Canada and the things in your life you take for granted..

 **The ability to walk to the store without the threat of being bombed,
***Full access to clean water and nutritious food.
***Safe schools for our children to be educated.
**An Army that only accepts people after the age of 18 therefor not forcing our children to kill for their country.
**The RIGHT TO VOTE and decide who we want to lead our country. Decisions we can make from education and not fear!
** The ability to have the means to raise our children, perhaps we sit in poverty but even that is more than so many other children in the world.
*** Human trafficking not being the MAIN reason our children go missing!
*** The sun on your face, not clouded by smog that fills your lungs and smothers life.
*** Equal (ISH) opportunity for both genders
*** Recognition of non-traditional relationships.
*** Access to information via books, television/radio/Internet

We have so many things available to us that others across our world can't enjoy. Those in different lands are no different than we.. Simply humans with different circumstances.  Circumstances that could very well be ours!

Every time we whine about how much our lives suck think outside your bubble and thank the universe for providing YOU with all the things that make your life easy and peaceful.

Share your Gratitude as Things could be SO DIFFERENT for you and yours.

Happy thanksgiving Everyone..

Keep it real.. Keep you safe.

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